What is tranquil faith?

When I was coming up with the name of my blog, I was looking for something that would encompass not only my struggle with anxiety, but also my journey in growing my faith, which has made a huge impact in my life.  To me, tranquil faith is that place that we get to, no matter our specific beliefs, where we are able to remain calm despite the storms in life, because we have real, authentic, trust in God.  It is what I aspire to, but certainly not where I am right now.  I have come so far in my faith journey, and I pray every day, multiple times even, but I still am striving for that true trust.  I have read so many times, that the Bible has written “Do not be anxious”, in one variation or another, 365 times (Disclaimer: I have not actually counted… yet).  I have to say that this is a huge area I struggle with, and it has made me feel like a failure often.  I suffer from multiple anxiety disorders, and tend to be a control freak as well, so this command is no easy task for me.

Recently however, I have had a shift in my thinking.  I was praying and thinking about my struggle with anxiety, and it dawned on me that it is in the Bible so many times (the most repeated command in the Bible) BECAUSE it is so very hard to do, for all of us!   We all want to have control in our lives, and trusting another when the situation is dire, goes against our survival instinct.  No matter the level of faith, anxiety will occur, but instead of being a cure for the anxiety, it is more of a weapon against it. Even without an anxiety disorder, we all struggle with trying to fix our situation, and fighting against the storms in life, but I am learning that the peace I so long for, has more to do with surrender than strength.  And trust…

So welcome to all!  My deepest wish is that anyone who reads this blog will be able to benefit in some way.  Know that if you struggle with anxiety you are not alone, and even if you struggle in your faith, you are welcome here!  Not everything I will blog about with be religious, but my faith is my cornerstone of both my life and my battle against anxiety. 

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